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We are a group of entrepreneurs & investors with long-term focus.
We seek to acquire and operate a single company in Mexico.
Our goal is to protect your legacy.

About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs and investors seeking to acquire and operate a single business in Mexico. We aspire to continue growing and protecting what you have created for the long term.

We are looking for businesses with incredible people and culture. We commit to preserving and growing your legacy, prioritizing continuity and stability for your collaborators, clients, and suppliers.

Our process is driven by your personal and financial goals, not ours.

How are we different?

Our approach differs greatly from that of a strategic or financial acquirer:

We are entrepreneurs with a long-term, business owner mindset

Our main motivation is not financial and we do not seek quick returns. Our goal is to make sure that the organization you have created prospers and stands for generations to come.

We will protect your legacy and safeguard your company's core values

We know that it takes years to build a reputation and minutes to destroy it. We value honesty and integrity - we will never cut corners or risk your or your business's reputation.

We are 100% committed to a single company and its people

We are looking to invest and operate a single company, not a group or portfolio of companies. Our only priority will be your business and the well-being of your collaborators, clients and suppliers.

We provide a transition opportunity with utmost flexibility and confidentiality

We appreciate the uniqueness of your business and thus offer attractive, fair and flexible terms. We will work with you to achieve your objectives, including post-acquisition involvement if you so desire.



Aliante Capital is led by an entrepreneur, Armando, and his partners: an experienced group of world-class entrepreneurs and investors with ample experience operating and investing in Mexico and abroad.


Throughout his professional career, Armando has worked as an investor and operator in recognized institutions. Armando will lead the acquisition and join the company full time; his only focus will be to ensure that your business grows and continues to be an industry reference. Armando's partners have a very hands-on approach and will be actively involved with the company as well.

Armando Garrido

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Prior to founding Aliante, Armando worked at Polo Capital, a like-minded venture to Aliante, which acquired and operates Auronix, one of Mexico's leading providers in communications software. At Auronix, Armando led key operational projects, building a high-performance sales team, creating a scalable & efficient sales process, improving customer experience and increasing collaboration across departments.

Previously, Armando worked at Advent International, one of the largest global private equity firms, analyzing and structuring investments across varied sectors in Latin America and helping drive value creation within portfolio companies. Before Advent, Armando worked at Credit Suisse's Investment Banking division, focused mainly on advising family businesses.

Armando was also a board member at Fundación ProEmpleo, a nonprofit organization supporting, mentoring, and incubating Mexican entrepreneurs.

Armando graduated with honors in Chemical Engineering from Tec de Monterrey in Monterrey, and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Institutional Partners


Individual Partners

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Guillermo Lavergne
Vicepresidente, Ashford Venture Partners

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Jason Pananos
Co-founder, The Nashton Company
Ex Presidente,  VDCI

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Jay Davis
Co-founder, The Nashton Company


What are we looking for?

We are looking for great businesses with great people within interesting industries. Our focus is on finding companies that meet the following criteria, but we are flexible in our approach and always open to opportunities that do not fit the mold.


  • High growth and strong tailwinds

  • Services-oriented

  • Low penetration of services

  • Large addressable market


  • Sales > MXN 200 million

  • Healthy operating margins (>15%)

  • Track record of consistent profitability


  • Stable and predictable revenues

  • Diversified and solid customer base

  • Resilient business model

  • Strong and positive culture


  • Owner open and attracted to transitioning the company to a new CEO fully committed to the business, its people, and the community

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